Primary Care Network Durham

Primary Care Network Durham is a collaborative, regional effort to familiarize general practitioners and NPs from and around Durham region to their local medical colleagues. As our regions continue to move toward an integrative care approach, it is important the provider-patient relationship grows with it. Family physicians and nurse practitioners are often the first point of contact patients and caregivers. The PCN Durham team wants to share local health resources to increase our regional health system literacy. Aligned with the Durham OHT vision, primary care can effectively move towards an integrative care model for our patients. 

Regional OHT and COVID News

Covid 19 Updates

Over the last several months community testing of Covid 19 has been led by the LH team in collaboration with Public Health, Home and Community Care and local community Paramedic Services.  This effort will continue as we head into the fall/winter seasons 2020.  Please click on the link for LH to get real time updates regarding testing locations, times, and criteria.  As you may note there is several new community locations throughout Durham Region. 

Community Assessment Centres (CACs) at a glance

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Covid Testing Centre Team Durham
Covid Testing Centre Team with Dr J. Groen on bottom right

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